Metod Makine has been dealing with the production of denim jeans dry process machines and equipments since 2002. Based on Custome Satisfaction as our primary principle, we are always in hot pursuit of fashion and trying to make innovation for our machinery in this direction.

Metod Machine makes its production in accordance with the EU Confirmity Certificates without harming the human health and enviroment.

Thanks to its young staff and high vision with the perfectionist work attitude, Metod has become a company which is asked for the right solutions in Dry Process both in domestic and foreign markets. We make our productions, considering our own sector, customers and their needs. Every machine is produced with great care in every step of the production process and it is subjected to final trial before delivery to the final user.

As a result of the perfectionist work attitude of Metod Makine, our After Sales Technical Service Team which is expert in their subjects comprehends the importance of the smoothy work of the customers.

With our CE Certificates, we always aim for the perfect solutions to provide high quality products and make some trials and controls in every step of the Production and the design.

Respect to environment, respect to people and the quality production are indispensable work principles of Metod Makine.

Our Mission

By using the widest network and cutting-edge technology, to be the first name that comes to mind in the global sense in the fabrication of fabric and effect machines.

Our Vision

To transform the oppotunities in to the success for our business partners, employees and our country by creating a corporate culture based on creativity, efficiency and participation, to create loyal custumers in increasing numbers with the solutions on the product and service quality over the expectations and to let our customers feel the trust of our brand. Besides, to provide the balanced and countinous growth and sustainable profitability by promting the sustainability of high quality productions wherever it is needed and heard in the textile sector.

Our Quality Policy

To be a leader, respectable, trustworthy company in the textile sector with balanced and continuous growth; to create an increasing number of loyal customers by providing products and services over the expectations

To adopt and to apply the innovative, active and dynamic participative management principles. As a follower and pioneer of quality, service and technological developments, by creating creative solutions for customers, it is increasing the value added to community, employees and business partners. To fulfill the requirements of the quality management system, to improve continuously and improve its effectiveness

It is our most important duty to fulfill responsibilities towards public and the environment and to protect the reputable image of METOD Makina

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    Address: Anadolu Yakası Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Mermerciler Cd.
    No:47, 34956 Aydınlı - Tuzla / İstanbul / Turkey